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Vaccination Chart

                                                                 VACCINATING YOUR HORSE
Vaccination is one of the best and most cost effective ways to prevent many infectious diseases in horses. Having a veterinarian administer the vaccination helps ensure proper handling and storage of the vaccine to maximize effectiveness.

EVS recommends all horses have a coggins blood test (EIA) annually. (Dr. Hicks speaks on EIA)

EVS recommends ALL horses be vaccinated for
♦ West Nile virus
 ♦Eastern & Western Encephalitis & Tetanus (EWT)
♦ Rabies
Horses who are stabled or pastured with other horses and those that travel will most likely need some or all risk based vaccines.
Risk-based vaccines:
♦ Influenza / Rhinopneumonitis) (Flu/Rhino)
 ♦Strangles
 ♦Botulism


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New Born Foal – Tetanus antitoxin
Foal 4.5 months- West Nile / EWT / Rabies / Flu-Rhino
Foal 6 months- West Nile/ EWT / Flu-Rhino

Adult horses (Jan-May)- West Nile / EWT / Rabies / Flu-Rhino / Strangles
Adult horses (Sept-Dec)- Flu-Rhino / Strangles


The schedule above is a suggested vaccination schedule and is based on generally accepted veterinary practices.
Infectious disease control programs in conjunction with vaccinations are important in
maximizing the health, productivity and performance of your horse.

  • Leptospirosis vaccination should be considered on farms where horses have been diagnosed with Equine Recurrent Uvitis.
  • Botulism vaccine should be used for any horse eating off a round bale, especially in crowded pastures or when hay is fed in same area. Broodmares should be vaccinated against Botulism to prevent infections in foals. Schedule for Botulism is 3 doses 2 weeks apart the first year and then yearly thereafter.

Since vaccines simulate an immune response, it is not uncommon for some horses to experience mild side effects shortly after vaccination.

These side effects may include: low-grade fever, fatigue or decreased energy or tenderness at the injection site.
Side effects should dissipate within 24 hours, if they persist or are severe please contact us immediately.