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PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is used to treat tendons, ligaments and wounds. Platelets are rich in growth factors that help repair tissue and ligaments more quickly. Blood is drawn from the horse and spun in a centrifuge where PRP is cultivated and harvested. The platelet rich serum is then used to treat the injury or wound. The PRP increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the growth factors speeding up the healing process.

IRAP is an effective intra-articular treatment for joint disease. The IRAP system has been designed to stimulate the horses’ own white blood cells to produce anti-inflammatory mediators and enzymes that can reduce the inflammation present as a result of degenerative joint disease. IRAP works by amplifying the production of anti-inflammatory and regenerative proteins already found in the patient’s own blood. The large amount of “good” proteins are then extracted and injected into the affected joint of the horse to assist in the repair and recovery of the joint.

Equine stem cell therapy can be used to treat superficial digital flexor tendon (SDF), stifle injuries and suspensory lesions. Adult, bone derived stem cells are generally collected from the horse’s hip or sternum.

Pro-Stride Injections – Pro-Stride Advanced Joint Therapy, is a natural, drug-free, point-of-care, anti-inflammatory joint treatment containing a concentrated / supercharged solution of cells, platelets, growth factors and anti-inflammatory proteins, including IL1-ra (commonly referred to as the IRAP protein). Pro-Stride will reduce pain associated with arthritis and deliver naturally occurring anti-inflammatory proteins. Pro-Stride Injection is capable of slowing cartilage degradation and improving mobility. Pro-Stride informational video

  • Pain relief for up to one year following a single injection
  • Delivers a highly concentrated solution of anti-inflammatory proteins including IL1-ra

  • Slows cartilage degradation