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Digital Imaging

Digital Radiology: Software allows us to manipulate the images and gain even greater clarity and diagnostic value. In other words, digital radiography offers the possibility to extract more information from the radiographic images we use, compared to conventional film images.

Digital Ultrasound: By performing an ultrasound scan on a horse our doctors visualize the deep structures of the body. We use ultrasound extensively for lameness evaluation of soft tissue structures as well as fetal evaluations, cardiac imaging and it even is beneficial when evaluating the cause of colic.

Video Endoscopy: This is a minimally invasive diagnostic procedure used to evaluate the interior structures by inserting a small scope in the body, often but not necessarily through a natural body opening. Through the scope, one is able to see an image projected on a monitor. This allows everyone present to view the image as compared to older technologies wherein only the operator could view the image through the eyepiece.