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EVS provides a full range of equine dentistry services from routine floating and extractions.
Your veterinarian needs to provide regular dental examinations in the interest of maintaining the good health of your horse.  We recommend that horses begin to have their teeth checked for uneven wear as yearlings and that they are checked every six months for the rest of their lives. This routine is beneficial in improving food utilization and therefore general health. Tooth problems in horses are common because their teeth never stop growing. The majority of horses have poor mouths as a result of irregular wear.

The equine dentistry services we provide and dental problems we address include:

  • Floating to remove sharp points, and Bit Seats
  • Wolf Teeth Extractions
  • Cap & plaque Removal
  • Fractured Maxillary and Mandibular Bone Repairs
  • Hook Reductions (Associated with Parrot or Monkey mouth)
  • Ramp Reductions
  • Oral Ulcer Treatment
  • Closed Diastema (Gaps Between Teeth) Therapy
  • Oral Extraction of Infected or Decayed Cheek Teeth
  • Surgical Extraction by repulsion of Infected and Decayed Cheek Teeth
  • Dentigerous Cyst Identification and Extraction
  • Identification and Treatment of TMJ Issues