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In Case of Emergency

Call a vet if your horse:

  • is injured and bleeding profusely
  • is sweating for no known reason
  • is foaming at the mouth for no known reason
  • has signs of colic
  • Pawing the ground, sweating, looking at their abdomen & or rolling
  • has any eye injury or excessive tearing in an eye
  • is dejected, listless, or lacking normal energy levels
  • has a skin condition that doesn’t respond to treatment
  • has persistent diarrhea
  • is reluctant or unable to move
  • is holding up a leg or won’t put a hoof firmly on the ground.
  • is not eating (A horse is never not hungry!)
As a horse owner, you must know how to recognize serious problems and respond promptly, taking appropriate action while awaiting the arrival of your veterinarian.  If you have an emergency situation outside our normal business hours, please call our emergency line at (270) 441-2086.