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PRO-STRIDE Advanced Joint Therapy

EVS is proud to offer Pro-Stride Advanced Joint Therapy,  a natural, drug-free, point-of-care, anti-inflammatory joint treatment containing a concentrated / supercharged solution of cells, platelets, growth factors and anti-inflammatory proteins, including IL1-ra (commonly referred to as the IRAP protein). Pro-Stride will reduce pain associated with arthritis and deliver naturally occurring anti-inflammatory proteins. Pro-Stride Injection is capable […]

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Botulism in horses

Dr. Hicks wanted to alert his clients about recent cases of botulism. Here are some helpful hints and reminders to help keep your horses safe and healthy. Botulism is caused by a neurotoxin released from the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. (an anaerobic bacteria which grows in areas with no oxygen) Common areas where this bacteria thrives […]

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**New** vaccination rule

Contact Equine Vet Service to get your horse its Flu/Rhino vaccine and get you ready to show!! Beginning December 1, 2015, all horses entering the grounds of a Federation-licensed competition must be accompanied by documentation of Equine Influenza Virus and Equine Herpes Virus (Rhinopneumonitis) vaccinations within six months prior to entering the stables. You can read the details […]

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Pigeon Fever Pigeon Fever Pigeon Fever Equine Vet Service has seen several cases of Pigeon Fever over the past few months, from both Missouri and Tennessee. Please read below information from Description Known by a number of names, including pigeon breast, dryland distemper, dryland strangles and false distemper, prognosis for a complete recovery is […]

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Poisonous Plants

Not all plants listed here are deadly, the reactions vary widely from mild to dead in minutes. CALL YOUR VET. Alsike Clover Apricot Tree – see cherry tree Azalea Baneberries – intensive digestive upset Black Locust – bark, sprouts, foliage – nausea, weakness and depression Black walnut – be careful to get shavings which contain […]

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